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How to Become a YouTube Hero

Hosted by
Edie Clarke

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May 28th
11:00 am EDT

Here is What You'll Learn

Embracing Video

Understanding your audiences' needs is the most important FIRST step in knowing what videos you should create. The type of videos is the SECOND most important step. We'll discuss these two steps and show you what you to do to complete them.

Embracing Awareness and Your Audience

What does it really take to build awareness of your channel and videos. After you've taken the care to create a video that is needed by your ideal audience, how do you get them to see it?

Embracing YouTube

Discover the SINGLE MOST overlooked aspect of channels owned by newbie entrepreneurs and how you can avoid this crucial but common mistake.

Embracing the Tech

Don't get overwhelmed by the thought of video editing. There are easy to use platforms and tools on the market to make this job a no brainer. Learn your options and how you can embrace the tech.

Embracing Engagement

Views, clicks and engagement is what every newbie YouTuber dreams of. Learn what it takes to make sure you can achieve all three on every video you create for your channel.

Becoming a YouTube Hero

Learn how you can provide YouTube services to your clients. Discover what services you can offer, how to find clients, how to market yourself in order to become discovered and what software tools and equipment is needed


About Edie Clarke

Edie is a Video and YouTube Strategist who partners with Coaches, Speakers and solopreneurs to market their businesses using video and YouTube.

She educates and inspires entrepreneurs on the benefits and methods video and YouTube can have on their business by increasing their visibility, engaging with their audience and creating brand awareness.

Edie lives in New York City with her husband and teenage son and loves spending her free time traveling and investing in cryptocurrency.

May 28th
11:00 am EDT